Danforth and High Streets, Portland
26 Small Condominiums with Shared Amenities
2 Cars Owned in Common
Construction Start on Hold

Due to the prolonged recession, Random Orbit could not complete this project. It was built by Community Housing of Maine with a different program: elderly rental. We are very proud of the progressive principals of this project and plan to apply them to a future project.

The small lot at Danforth and High Streets presents a perfect opportunity for an urban infill project that combines development concepts that Random Orbit has used in the past with new tools to achieve affordable ownership. It is located in an already densely developed part of the City, within walking/biking distance of jobs and many urban amenities, and has public transportation options available. Someone living here could get the best of city life with limited needs for a car. This is an attractive location to target an underserved but vital demographic for Portland-the young (twenties) professional, single, first time buyer. This is a group that is both attracted to Portland’s vibrant scene and helps to create it. It has been reported that Portland is one of only a few cities with an influx of this demographic but appropriate affordable housing is difficult to find. This forces difficult decisions as to whether to stay in Portland or leave for outlying communities or other cities where housing is more affordable. Random Orbit has proposed to the City of Portland, a progressive, urban development that combines density, small unit size and unique common amenities as primary tools to achieve affordability and urban excitement at this site.

The Project Includes:
* 26 small condominium units ranging
in size from 445-812 square feet.
* Interesting shared amenities to offer big living for small spaces and to create community. These will include: shared lounge, guest room and laundry.
* 2 cars owned in common for the use of the condo owners. Live car free-pay for use of a car only when you need it and save money!
* Energy efficiency and Maine State Housing Green Building Standards.

Who should take a close look at this opportunity:
* A prime group for this project is the young, twenty-something newly minted professional. This person doesn’t have a lot of money but has their first good job. They are attracted to the excitement of urban living, want to be able to walk to work and amenities, and would like the ability to save money by not owning a car. They appreciate the community created by interesting common spaces.
* Older singles (50-60 years old) would be attracted to the convenience of the location and economics. Retired couples who want to have the excitement of urban living and the convenience of living close to cultural and shopping amenities.
* People from out of town who work in Portland or just want to have a small convenient getaway in one of the most attractive cities in the Northeast. Possibly local island dwellers.
This project will offer a hip and stylish, progressive living choice to Portland. It takes a unique approach to address some of the areas perennial housing issues. Get a toehold into the benefits of home ownership while having a dynamic connection to a great city.

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