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Peter Bass has been doing progressive development in Southern Maine for over 25 years. He has focused on finding unique value and uses for properties and forming collaborations to realize his vision.

* He created Portland’s first dedicated artist studio building in 1986. This six studio building is still managed by Peter and offers long-term affordable rents to artists.

* Peter collaborated with Steve Tibbetts and the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust to create Larrabee Farms, a 15 lot residential subdivision. Larrabee Farms was the first subdivision in Maine with an original vision to partner with a land trust to protect a significant portion of its land under conservation easement.

* Peter joined with Linda Mansfield to do one of the first preservation-minded condo conversions in Portland. This created 5 condominiums while saving a lovely brick Greek Revival building from serious neglect and deterioration.

Random Orbit, INC was formed by Peter Bass in 2000 to further pursue cutting edge, smart growth development. We are looking at high-density infill projects in both adaptive re-use and new construction contexts. Random Orbit has focused on creating live/work units, a housing type that is new to Maine. Live/work offers open, flexible space and an economic advantage, combining expenses in one mortgage or rent.  We have begun to take the same unique approach we have applied to residential development-progressive ownership and use models-and apply them to commercial and office uses. PelotonLabs is our first venture into co-working and community work space.

Our goal is to create inspiring, unique, and affordable properties that will foster community and produce a positive impact on the region.

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Random Orbit, Inc. • Peter Bass • 795 Congress Street • Portland, Maine 04102 • info@randomorbitinc.com • 207.772.6005